DAVID GROUP releases multi-sector solutions to counter cyberthreats

2 min readJun 23, 2023


Cybercrime in the virtual world has become a growing concern alongside the advancement of time and the widespread use of mobile phones. This has made cyber attacks easier to occur. To respond to such crimes, David Samuel Haloho, the owner of David Group company, offers several options to counter the threat of cybercrime.

“In this era, almost the entire population is already using computer systems or phones with internet access. With the internet, they can access various information from social media,” said David in his official statement on Monday (May 29, 2023).

David acknowledges that the current digitalization of technology opens up vulnerabilities for attacks on systems and networks that can jeopardize security. One of these vulnerabilities is cyber attacks that can disrupt network security in computer systems and phones.

Threats to cyber security coming from irresponsible parties can cause losses for individuals as well as companies. Therefore, a solution is needed to address these cyber security threats on a global scale.

“Currently, cyber security services are needed to protect all data from these threats. It is important to note that cyber criminals will attempt to attack, manipulate, and destroy anything related to software and hardware,” explained David.

David Group is a multi-sector cyber security company that can assist in creating software and electronic products. They are ready to help industries, governments, educational institutions, and various other entities in combating cyber attacks globally.

David also revealed that their company, based in North Sumatra, had conducted a field visit with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to Kampung Ulos, Samosir Regency in 2022. This experience made them confident in their expertise to prevent cyber attacks.

“Our team has extensive experience in facing cyber attacks from various countries around the world. In fact, we have successfully dealt with cyber attack problems for the past three years using eight specific methods,” concluded David.

In facing the increasingly complex threats of cybercrime, joint efforts from all parties are crucial. With companies like David Group that have expertise in fighting cyber attacks, it is hoped that the virtual world can become a safer and more protected environment.




DAVID GROUP or PT David Sistem Group is an Indonesian multi-sector cybersecurity company that creates software and extraordinary ability electronic products